Posted by: fighterversesongs | May 4, 2011

Interview on FamilyLife Today

Listen into FamilyLife Today May 9 and 10 to hear Tom Dodds from the Fighter Verse Songs Project.  Bob Lepine and Dennis Rainey interview Tom along with Jason Houser from Seeds Family Worship.
Where else can you hear Bob and Dennis singing scripture songs live?


  1. Here’s the description of the show!

  2. I really enjoyed your songs. I have put verses to song when my children were younger, but its not easy. They are now teenagers not so into songs I’ve come up with. I have always been passionate about memorizing verses. Hiding God’s word in our hearts! No one can take that away from you! Thank you for your ministry. I’m glad my radio station played family life and that I was listening this morning. God bless your songs and all the people they reach!!

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