Posted by: thomasdodds | May 20, 2011

Application of the Fighter Verse for May 21/22

Ephesians 4:26  (Listen to song Demo above)

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.

When you are angry do not sin.  When we are angry, it is most often an unrighteous anger.  When we feel anger, our hearts move out of a loving disposition and our “emotional temperature” rises.  God desires that we turn from anger to him.    Before your day is over, or sooner, approach the one with whom you are angry and be reconciled.  Unresolved anger destroys relationships.  Be reconciled to God and others.

Do not let a day go by angry with God or someone else.

Practical suggestions:

– Meditate upon this verse.  Resolve to address your anger quickly.

– Pray to God and ask for His help to recognize when you get angry.  Seek Him and His peace before you speak harshly or let bitterness grow in your heart.

– Consider what happens when you let anger linger.  Bitterness?  Resentment? What happens to your relationships?

How will you use this fighter verse song in your life this week? with your spouse? your children? your family? your neighbors?

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