Posted by: jamsco | August 17, 2011

Come To Me

All last school year, our Wednesday night worship leader, Rob H,  chose a theme in the scripture we read during our corporate worship time each night – the passages where God says “Come to me.”

I noticed patterns in these verses and decided to chart out these passages. And since this week’s fighter verse is one of them, I thought I’d post the chart. Here it is.

What does God want from you?

Reference Speaker If You Are… What God Says To Do The Resulting Blessing What You Don’t Need
Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus Laboring And Heavy-Laden Come To Me Rest Work
Isaiah 55:1-3 Yahweh Thirsty Come To Me Good Food, Drink That Satisfies Money, Price
Rev 22:17 Jesus Thirsty and Desirous Come To Me Water Of Life Price
Mark 13:16 Jesus You Receive The Kingdom Of God Like A Child Come To Me Blessing And Christ’s Embrace Maturity
John 6:32-37 Jesus You Believe In Jesus Come To Me Bread of Life, Never Cast Out Moses

What Others Say

Reference Speaker If You Are… What Others In Scripture Say To Do The Resulting Blessing What You Don’t Need
Psalm 40:6-8 David Delighting In God’s Will Come To God Your Name In The Book Of Life Sacrifice And Burnt Offering
1 Peter 2:2-5 Peter Longing for Pure Spiritual Milk Come To God You Become Part Of The Holy Priesthood Strength In Yourself
Heb 12:12,18-24 Author Drooping Hands, Weak Knees Come To God Entrance into the City of the Living God A Physical Mountain


If You Have What The Bible Says To Do The Resulting Blessing What You Don’t Need
Summary Desire and Faith Go To God Everlasting Satisfaction Good Behavior

Isn’t it great to have a God like this?

You can listen to the free scripture song here.

In case you’re curious, here is a list of other posts on my blogs which show a whole category of items from the Bible.


  1. That’s really boss. Thanks for doing that. Love your chart dude.

  2. […] All of the places where God invites people to “Come to me” […]

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