Posted by: jamsco | June 22, 2013

Where We Can’t Follow Jesus – Part 2

Some time ago I posted a list of real situations and good behaviors that Jesus didn’t model for us. They were areas where we couldn’t follow him, largely because he is holy and these areas required our fallen-ness. While it yielded a good discussion, this post has always left a bad taste in my mouth, because it’s always felt like I was suggesting that Jesus was limited in some way. I don’t think I was, but that’s how it felt. In any case, I never want to look like I’m suggesting in any way that Jesus is limited in how he can help us.

So to counter that, I’ve compiled a list of activities that Jesus actually did that we can’t follow. Again this is because of our sinfulness and our status as pure humans. I feel like it’s a better list because it elevates Christ more than the last post did.

I thought I’d post it this week, because this week’s verse is a prime example.

Twelve Ways We Can’t Follow Jesus
(Because We’re Not As Great As Him)

We cannot seek and save the lost.
We cannot decide that someone is forgiven.
We cannot pray in our own name.
We cannot accept worship.
We cannot be the perfect sacrifice.
We cannot say that Moses spoke of us.
We cannot say that someone who sees us, sees the Father.
We cannot raise ourselves from the dead.
We cannot be an eternal high priest.
We cannot be good enough to enter God’s presence.
We cannot advocate for ourselves or anyone else.
We cannot sit down at the right hand of the Most High.

I don’t know about you, but this list inspires me more than the last one.

Did I miss any?

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