Posted by: jamsco | November 13, 2013

Introducing The New Fighter Verse Song CD – Set 3

After months of preparation, we are finally ready to let you all know about the release of the new Fighter Verse Song Set 3 CD!

A Few Facts
Includes 36 songs from 19 books of the old and new testament.
Includes music from six song writers and thirty-seven musicians
Includes several styles of music, such as a capella, bluegrass, folk, reggae, jazz, Brazilian and one cowboy song.
Includes well-known passages such as the Beatitudes and the 1 Corinthians 13 description of Love.
Will make it easier for you to memorize scripture.

Please check it out! You can listen to sample song on the iTunes page or buy the CD at Amazon. Or to see one of our videos from the CD, look below. It’s bluegrass!

And look below for some of the reviews.

CD_Set3itunes CD_Set3amazon



Good Words About This CD:
Our children range in age from age 6 – 18. We all enjoy this wonderful cd filled with a nice mix of musical styles, but all the Word of God. It’s an amazing blessing to receive from this CD and those that created it! Thank you! – Kathy

The breadth of musical style remains broad and enjoyable. In other words, the kids have a blast and mom and dad are right there with them! The writers remain faithful to the goal of keeping the word for word ESV translation in the lyrics without compromising musical creativity and integrity… What a wonderful gift to those who seek to store up God’s Word in their hearts – Pastor Gil

… it isn’t just for the kids! Our whole family is learning Scripture together with the help of this great CD! Can’t wait to hear the next one – Steven

My grown daughter and I have wonderful memories of trips we have taken while singing through the Fighter Verse Song CDs. We have enjoyed them all, but this newest one is our favorite yet! … I couldn’t recommend this CD more highly!!! – Debbie

There is nothing greater than hiding God’s Word in our hearts and the hearts of our children. Putting scripture to music is a wonderful way to memorize and keep it memorized. Have you ever thought, “I know there is a verse about that” but struggle to remember it? With scripture to music, the song often pops into our heads when we need them. I am thankful for these songs! – Gina

Excellent variety of style and pacing: from island breezy to Celtic winds, deep rooted soulful to upbeat pickin’ ‘n’ grinnin’, a host of other genres…
Most valuable to the soundscape are the woven words of Christ working in our hearts as we take in the scenery. Sit, eat, drink and be refreshed – Pete

We have really enjoyed this CD. There is a fun variety of styles of worship and artists. Our children listen to this CD during their quiet time and are becoming familiar with God’s Word through song. What a great thing! – Alicia

We barely spend any time actually working on memorizing a verse because by the end of the week, we’ve got the tune and the words already memorized – Christina


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