Posted by: jamsco | October 17, 2021

1-42 Application for Oct 22-23, 2016 :: Proverbs 1:10


My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.
Proverbs 1:10

This is the shortest of the fighter verses – 9 words – and it’s clear and helpful

My Son – This advice is being given to you by someone who cares for you and loves you.
if sinners – If you are dealing with someone you know is prone to act wrongly
entice you – If they are encouraging you to do something you know is wrong
do not consent – Say no. Step away. Reject their enticement.

In other words – it’s not always wrong to interact with sinful people, but use great discernment in going along with their plans.

And remember this – you too are a sinner. Don’t be an enticer.


Song by Paul and Becki Warnock

Isaiah 46:9-10

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