Posted by: jamsco | July 11, 2011

How To Teach Young Kids A New Song

I’ve taught my kids more than 150 fighter verse songs. I’ve also been teaching songs to the kids in our Wednesday night Kindergarten/First Grade class for six years. This is how I do it. There isn’t much original about the process outlined here, but it always works.

Warning: There will be times when you think they’re never going to learn the song.

Qualifications to teach a song: You must be able to sing that song. (That’s it.)

This process takes time, but really only six sessions.

Session 1 

Sing the song for them. If it’s short, do it twice.

That’s all you have to do the first session.

Session 2

Sing the song for them a couple times and have them sing it through in this way: You sing a phrase and they repeat it – making your way through the song.

My personal theory is that the best way for a song to get into your brain is to hear your own mouth sing it.

Session 3

Sing the song again, singing each phrase and having them repeat it. If it’s a short song, try having them sing it all the way through.

Repetition is key.

Session 4

Sing the song together all the way through.

It is this time that you will think, “They are never going to learn this.”

I think this every single time.

Session 5

Sing the song with them all the way through. This time they will surprise you and almost be able to sing it on their own.

In the middle of the song, suggest that they “Sing louder!”  They like this. Remind them that singing isn’t yelling.

Session 6

This time they will be able to fully sing it on their own.

Praise them for this.


Other tips-

I am assuming that we’re talking about kids too young to read music. Obviously, if they can read music and you have the notation available, give it to them. For kids old enough to read, just giving them the words will help.

If this happens to be a Fighter Verse song, you could just play the CD for them for steps 1 and 2.

This would also work for teaching adults how to sing a song.

Thanks to my wife for modeling this for me.


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  3. Thanks! This is quite helpful. 🙂

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