Posted by: jamsco | November 23, 2011

Application of the Fighter Verse for November 26/27

Psalm 125: 1-2

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people,
from this time forth and forevermore.

Another happy, peaceful, comforting verse!

The nights have grown cold here in Minnesota and when I go check on our kids late at night, I take great comfort in seeing our kids warm, safe and comfortable in their beds. But this is nothing compared to the security that we have in the Lord.

And I will ask the same question I’ve asked with other blessings – do you (do I) believe it? Do we live like we believe it?

I note that this is a different kind of mixed metaphor. We are both like a mountain and like a city that is surrounded by mountains.

How many nations and cities, down through ages of human history, have been protected by mountains? And how many mountains, down through the ages of human history, have been torn down?

The answers are many and none, respectively. And that’s what we are like, thanks to our heavenly Father.

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